Why You Should Mind Your Own Business

Have you been working hard and making everyone else rich?

If you answered yes or you are not sure that simply means you have a job.  

Watch the video below about look at the pro’s and con’s about  why you should mind your own business

The majority of people who influence us the most programme us from an early age

to mind other people’s businesses and make other people rich.


It begins innocently enough with words of advice such as:


  • “Go to school and get good grades so you can find a safe secure job with good pay and excellent benefits”


  •  “Work hard so you can buy the home of your dreamsafter all your home is an asset and it is your mostimportant investment.”


  • “Having a large mortgage is good because the government gives you a tax deduction for your interest payments.”


  • Buy now, pay later,” or “low down, easy monthly payments.”  Or, “Come in and save money.”


People who blindly follow these words of advice often become:


  • Employees, making their bosses and owners rich.


  • Debtors, making banks and money lenders rich.


  • Taxpayers, making the government rich.


  • Consumers, making many other businesses rich.

Instead of finding their own financial fast track, they help everyone else find theirs.

Instead of minding their own business they work all their lives minding everyone else’s.

(Extract From Power To Entrepreneurial Success Coaching Programme) 


 Want To Mind Your Own Business Take This Advice?

  • Start Small with a Blog
  • A Blog can make you a fortune
  • My advice is: “Go small – focus on a niche”
  • Check out google these 3 successful bloggers who turned it into a business Mashable, Life Hacker and Perez Hilton
  • The setting up of a blog is an all important technique this specific way of doing it helps the blog become an income generator
  • I will be sharing my expertise in more detail on blogging and how to generate leads/ customers for your business
  • How to position yourself as an expert in what you are good at and much more on my next blog post…..

*You may be surprised to learn blogging is a profession.

Here’s the results of bloggers who have made it a profession:

The Huffington Post – $2,500,000 p/mth

Founder: Arianna Huffington
Estimated Earnings: $2,500,000 per month

TechCrunch – $800,000 p/mth

Founder: Michael Arrington
Estimated Earnings: $800,000 per month


Mashable – $600,000 p/mth

Founder: Pete Cashmore
Estimated Earnings: $600,000 per month

Perez Hilton – $450,000 p/mth

Founder: Mario Lavandeira
Estimated Earnings: $450,000 per month


Smart Passive Income – $150,000 p/mth

Founder: Pat Flynn
Estimated Earnings: 150,000 per month

Tuts Plus – $110,000 p/mth

Founder: Collis Taeed
Estimated Earnings: $110,000


Coolest Gadgets – $30,000 p/mth

Founder: Allan Carlton
Estimated Earnings: $30,000


As you can see blogs vary in design and  platforms there is a reason for this linked to your business and your service.

Coolest-Gadgets           1st-Web-Designer            Steve-P               perez

Now you should be getting clear on why you should mind your own business

How To Make On-line Income Even If New Online


On my next blog I will share how you can set up a blog and run a blog to achieve what you want  as an entrepreneur to attract business and income.

About The Author


Gloria is a former Head Teacher / Principal with a difference. She realised her vision of helping people at just 24 by setting up the 1st school that was a business and a charity. Her passion for helping, teaching and coaching people in simple, easy to understand steps, is what's took her to Buckingham Palace for an award off her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, into Prime Ministers Offices and other notable places. What keeps her grounded is her desire to help the under dog who like her began against the odds and has to work their way to success.


  • Stephane Lacroix

    Reply Reply September 16, 2015

    Nice post Gloria. I definitely will mind my own business. As you said so well in this post, blogging is an excellent way to start a business and profitable too.

    I like the examples you used as well.

    Keep blogging Gloria.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    • gloriahyattmbe

      Reply Reply September 16, 2015

      Hey Stephane thanks for stopping by glad you like the examples. More people need to know business does not have to be costly to set up and a blog is of course an excellent way of starting out.

  • Sheena

    Reply Reply September 18, 2015

    great advice, just focus on your own journey and you will be good

    • gloriahyattmbe

      Reply Reply September 18, 2015

      Indeed Sheena there are so many distractions focusing on your own path is the way to go.

  • Gary Alach

    Reply Reply September 18, 2015

    Well said Gloria. I totally agreed that people get conditioned to believe what society keeps repeatedly telling them is the norm!

    • gloriahyattmbe

      Reply Reply September 18, 2015

      Yes and it’s good to be around people who get that. Here’s to your continued success Gary.

  • LuAnn

    Reply Reply September 18, 2015

    wow great advice Gloria…focus on yourself and very information info in your post. thanks for sharing

  • Mark

    Reply Reply October 5, 2015

    Hey Gloria

    Great post… I can’t speak for everyone else but after 20+ years of contributing to the riches of my previous employer… I began my own journey and haven’t looked back since.


    • gloriahyattmbe

      Reply Reply October 6, 2015

      It’s heart warming to hear about your success Mark long may the journey through entrepreneurship benefit all you work with and yourself.

  • Kathy Plitt

    Reply Reply November 28, 2015

    Hi Gloria: Quite impressive are your accomplishments. I hope that I too am successful. Good advice. Keep up the good work thanks again

    • gloriahyattmbe

      Reply Reply November 28, 2015

      With focus, a strategy/ plan ideally a coach of course you can be successful Kathy. Here’s to Yours.

  • Jeff

    Reply Reply January 19, 2016

    Hi Gloria,

    I think very few of us are given direction away from the traditional treadmill of creating a living, yet most of us believe there is another way, hoping for a breakthrough.

    Nice to know there are others out there brave enough to go for it.

    Your post is helpful, making aware that there are other options.

    Thanks for the post


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