What’s Your Dream Car ?

You may ask your self what’s your favourite car got to do with being an entrepreneur?

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Why You Should Mind Your Own Business

Want To Mind Your Own Business Take This Advice?

Start Small with a Blog
A Blog can make you a fortune
Advice is: “Go small – focus on a niche”
Check out google these 3 bloggers who turned it into a business Mashable, Life Hacker and Perez Hilton
Meet and connect with real live people in our community who are making a living blogging

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What Is Your Greatest Achievement: Rise Up 2015 Video Blog Challenge?

Do you ever consider that you have achieved greatness ?

Of course you have you were born a winner!

At the moment of your conception, one sperm won the race to fertilise the egg that you grew from.

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Why You Need To Get Social Media Savvy

Using a Blog With All The Social Media Tools Integrated Means You Are Set Up For Business. With This Blog Your Potential To Connect With Customers And New Ones Is Greater Unlike So Many Out There That Are Having No Profitable Benefit. Customers And Social Media Integrated On Your Blog..Now That Is The Business!

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Lesson I Learned From Oprah Winfrey


The more we focus on our path the more life presents it to us..

its totally up to you to take the walk up it.

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2 Useful Resources For Entrepreneurs


Making the decision to look at becoming a business owner and an Entrepreneur is as exciting as it is daunting. It’s the place where billionaires are created and bankruptcy is never far away! Do You Think You Have Go What It Takes?

This post will help you to consider some of the implications and help you decide if you are fit and ready for what has been for me an amazing and personally rewarding journey.

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NEW Year -New Business Amp It Up With A Plan; A Coach Try My New APP

Entrepreneurs deciding on what business and its timing for launch

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Monetize Blogging Model Millionnaires

Last week we hosted a live, roundtable

webcast where a group of our leaders where invited to be live and share with you how they make their money blogging….

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The 3M Blogging Formula IS NOT FLUFF

I remember thinking almost 12 months ago wouldn’t it be great to blog for profit..


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Leadership On-line

Have you ever questioned someones leadership?

You see the majority of people think a leader is someone who others follow.

The more I have been online the more

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