How Being An Affiliate Of Empower Network Helps You Make Money Online

How Being An Affiliate Helps You Make Money Online

I guess you may have been like me and wondered at some point how being an affiliate has anything to do with being an entrepreneur or making money online.

When you google the word affiliate all manner of explainations come up like below:


Typically How Being An Affiliate Works    


Common Affiliate Brands



As you can see the average person gets $5 to $10 rewards the thing is you soon run out of friends and family to share this with which is why I promote affiliate programmes that don’t rely on friends and family and you really are helping people.

I became an affiliate of Empower Network over a year ago this 2 minute video explains how being an affiliate of Empower Network helps you make money online notably more than any other affiliate programme;

it explains how you can market any business or product better;

leverage and use your time better;

advertise your products to a wider audience;

redesign your life creating time and financial freedome;

establish new and improved relationships;

and more than I guess you think right now.

A part of me thinks its a bit like breaking societal rules in the video below which is not just about me you will see how people who society expects to fail are being successful. 


Hopefully that helps clear your mind about how being an affiliate of Empower Network helps you make money online  


Live Never Been Done Before Invitation

Now if you want to hear more from team mates of mine who are having success, some major successes (like the 1st female, millionnaire affiliate or the pastor who is making 7 figures) I suggest you watch this video where I give you a little more of a look into my on-line world with my own personal results.


After you have watched the video this is what can happen:

1. If you find you want to become part of our team and join other successful affiliates building a business online you will be contacted by me to help you plan your strategy. 

Go the the builders products if you want to join my team  buy here then I will introduce you to the team for more help than you could ever pay for right now.

2. If using the products to build your own business is more attractive you will be contacted by me to get a free coaching strategy session.

Go to the customers products if you just want to use them for your own use and not be in my team buy here

3. If for some reason you are not ready to do either join my mailing list below where I will update yourself on all things for the budding or established entrepreneur who wants to educate themselves about being an affiliate and online business owner. sign up here


  • Liz English

    Reply Reply June 19, 2015

    Thank You Gloria for reminding me of the benefits of being an affiliate of Empower Network. You know being a member of Empower Network is awesome, but then having someone come along and spell it out exactly the way that you have in your blog post just reminds you of how wonderful being a member of Empower Network is.

    • Gloria Hyatt Mbe

      Reply Reply June 19, 2015

      Yes Liz it’s easy to forget as they become our normal daily business benefits.

  • Joshua Bayless

    Reply Reply June 20, 2015

    Very informative! Thanks!

  • John Flood

    Reply Reply June 20, 2015

    Awesome, I love your Illustrations!

    • Gloria Hyatt Mbe

      Reply Reply June 20, 2015

      Thanks for the feedback John the intention was paint a real life picture of what this is and can be for affiliates.

  • Allen Baytes

    Reply Reply June 20, 2015

    Yes, leverage your tools wisely.

    • Gloria Hyatt Mbe

      Reply Reply June 20, 2015

      Leverage is key for the wise so true Allen.

  • Sonny Lanorias

    Reply Reply June 20, 2015

    Hi Gloria,

    You just nailed it 🙂 I have never seen any affiliate like Empower Network ever before so close that it’s just totally second to none! Cheers!

    ~ Sonny

    • Gloria Hyatt Mbe

      Reply Reply June 20, 2015

      Glad this brought clarity Sonny and yes to date Empower Network Affiliates have recieved more payout than any one in the industry creating more millionnaires with a target of 10 a year!

  • PHC-BR

    Reply Reply June 20, 2015

    Yes I see there are many benefits in becoming part of this company. Congratulations for your all in level and best of luck in your business Gloria.

    • Gloria Hyatt Mbe

      Reply Reply June 20, 2015

      Hey Pedro I appreciate that you absorbed the information in the video and caught the reality of the benefits in this type of business.

  • Luis Craveiro

    Reply Reply June 22, 2015

    Great post Gloria very clear. I like the videos ;). Thanks for sharing.

  • Lynn Brown

    Reply Reply June 23, 2015

    Great post and sharing all the details of being an Empower Network affiliate. I can see that the new changes that are being implemented are really going to take the affiliate side of the business to an amazing level helping people to have even more success. Thanks again Gloria for your wonderful insight.

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