Gloria Hyatt is founder  of the Power To Success Programme  and a certified business coach in the Power To Entrepreneurial Success Programme.

I help people and businesses utilise systems to grow their wealth by developing their mindset and skill set. As you may know success is 80% mindset and 20% skill set.

She helped companies like The Deputy Prime Ministers Office, the General Teaching Council and Liverpool John Moores University  grow their revenue. She was named as a top influencer by the age of 30,  She has royal approval as the educator and entrepreneur who set up a unique company and numerous publications says she is a notable innovator . She has been awarded a Member of the British Empire from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll for services to education.

The purpose of this section is to share my journey, how I have evolved into an on-line entrepreneur how you may benefit from my experiences especially if you make it to the end.


From Unlikely Beginnings

I was born, in the South End, Toxteth, Liverpool, England.

I had a severely disadvantaged childhood which meant that not only did I suffer discrimination, but was removed from my parents at an early age and had to grow up mostly in care homes and foster care.

Many people with this kind of background become anti-social or turn to crime, but that was not my way.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

I was determined to work hard to overcome my severely disadvantaged childhood, and have gone on to forge a highly successful life – proof of the old adage,

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

 My upbringing shaped my passion for education, business and equality.

As a result, my achievements have benefited not just me… I have also been a tireless campaigner, teacher, coach and mentor on behalf of my community, my peers and beyond.

People I have worked with describe me as “a force to be reckoned with” – but also as “someone to listen to and learn from”.

Some Accolades

“The accolades heaped upon her are many – and she has earned every one of them,” as reported by John Williamson, The UK’s Original and Most Distinguished Wealth Coach

•In 1998 she became Liverpool’s 1st Black Head Teacher

•In 2003, she was also honoured with the ‘’Merseyside Women of the Year’’ award &    

 an MBE for services to education given to her by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II    

• In 2004, she was also honoured with the ‘’Women of Merit’’ award

• In 2005, she was appointed by the Secretary Of State to sit on the Finance & General Purposes Committee for The General Teaching Council for England

 • She was also one of the youngest appointed Neighbourhood Renewal Advisor‘s for The Deputy Prime Ministers Office

• And, she was featured in the prestigious reference work, ‘‘Who’s Who of Black                

Achievers’’ – also in ‘’Liverpool’s Black Pioneers’’ by Dr. Ray Costello

• In 2007, she was one of the  UK’s Top 50 ‘’Black Britannia Role Models’’ recognized by the Prime Minister, in a photographic exhibition by Fleet Street photographer,  John Ferguson.

•In 2008, she was featured inLiverpool’s Sung and Unsung’’ a publication created by Dan Kenyon

•And, 2009 saw her honoured by an entry in “Top 50 Black Achievers’                                                                              

From Student To Governor

Whilst a student at Liverpool’s John Moores University, I not only became a student adviser to the Academic staff

I was invited back ten years later to sit on John Moores University’s board of Governors – this was after I had become the 1st Head Teacher in the city with an African heritage.

After leaving University, I became a teacher, and worked across the city, learning as much as I could about the profession.

Possibly The Biggest Risk Of My Life


Appalled and disgusted with the high numbers of pupils who at the time were being failed by the education system and excluded from school…

and frustrated by the lack of an inclusive curriculum I took possibly the biggest risk of my life.

Leaving a comfortable, teaching position with a pension and a permanent contract

I exchanged it for a 6 months contract and raised a budget of £40K to work out of a youth centre and realise my vision  of creating a system and business where more people succeeded.

Realising Her Vision

Undeterred by these challenges I had a vision and a business plan to set up a business that would address these issues and bring hope, improvement and opportunity to my city, my community and beyond.

I used all the business education I learned through just doing it, through network marketing I did as aside and business manuals studying and applying it.

Within five years I had created 5 unique programmes for adult and child learners, a business, an Independent school and a registered charity called (Elimu Academy).

Many historical firsts were created.

25 jobs were created alongside 10 part time staff so 100’s of people gained employment and as many learned about setting up and running a business over the 12 years I ran it.

there was 100’s of volunteers

The visionary part was the unique products and services ran by teachers, healers, artists, youth workers, business owners, services users

to deliver a full time education to pupils who had been excluded from the education system

provide a part time service for those in schools

PLUS an ‘adult learners service’ to train them for roles as classroom assistants and mentors.

Fast track teacher training courses for over seas teachers who were denied entry to schools were designed.

Over 35 business partnerships were created in the private, public and charitable sector to keep the business afloat.

A couple of millions pounds/dollars were raised from selling products I created, funds raised from donors and services we sold.


In 1998, I was acknowledged by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools for my visionary and pioneering work in setting up the first Independent School/Academy of its type in the country.

Her Majesty’s Inspectors complimented both its ‘inclusive and joined up’ ethos, and the diverse staff team of 1,000’s

After gaining a Masters in Education specialising in Management and Inclusive Education,   

I trained my staff to support teachers across the city in the methods to raise achievement.

I lead my team to develop a range of additional income generating services to support our mission.


Disadvantaged adults graduated from the School’s courses were gaining employment for the first time,

The children and adults attending the academy were achieving more than ever, many going to University – the first to do so in their family –

many going on to careers and achieving successes that had never been available to them or possible before.

Adults gained jobs and started businesses broke a cycle of exclusion and failure.

Many taking up Teaching, Class Room Assistant and Mentor Roles a result of the teaching, training and employment experiences gained at the academy.

Many set up their own businesses as a result of learning about business in the Academy. 

100’s of business partnerships were created over the 12 years.

Millions was generated in exchange for unique services.

Awarded the MBE

 In 2003, I was awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, for services to education and was acknowledged for my visionary work.

My blueprint for the academy was adopted and promoted by Government some years later as ‘its’ successful educational model.


Learned From The World’s Top ‘Success Gurus’

Over the years, in addition to my formal educational qualifications, I sought out training and coaching from some of the ‘ World’s best coaches and ‘success gurus’.

This has given me a much wider, rounded vision and range of skills to ‘bring to the table’ in helping others, my own peers, associates, students and coachees.


Teach Consultancy

 In 2005, I built on this successes by establishing my own company, Teach Consultancy, to train, teach, consult and coach others to success and high achievement on-line.


Guiding Government Policies

My earliest contract as a consultant for this Company saw me secure a role as one of the 1st cohort of Government Neighbourhood Renewal Advisers.

 Working with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, I shared my expertise and knowledge

to broker partnerships with the private, public and charitable sector to improve service delivery and raise income.

In the 1st year of my new business, I was honored to be appointed by the Secretary of State to The General Teaching Council.


As one of their youngest serving members, I sat on the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

I served on here as my pet hate and still is people who knowingly sell things that are not fit for purpose that will never help any one.


Advocate For Young Entrepreneurs

I continued to pass on my knowledge and skill, supporting the setting of Elimu Merseyside CIC, an education a  business enterprise initiative I founded to empower young people and transform them into business people.

I supported young people to lead their own self help business ventures .

Improved Employment opportunities

In 2006, I set up  my first on-line venture Ebony Recruitment Solutions to address the issue of under-employment amongst graduates.

Numerous recruitment campaigns were developed and graduates were assisted into occupations or business start-ups.


Challenged The Prime Minister

I interviewed Prime Minister Tony Blair and challenged his employment and financing proposals for helping disadvantaged communities.

I featured in many prestigious media, such as ‘ National and Local TelevisionThe TES’, The Guardian, Radio 4, Radio Merseyside, ‘The Voice’ and numerous other media covering, education and my business enterprises. (Google for details too many to note).


Coaching With Distinction

My continued interest in developing people was nurtured through qualifying as a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, and coaching individuals in leadership and business roles.

I formalized my coaching and gained a diploma and distinction in Corporate and Executive Coaching.

I  helped build the capacity of  people and business, improving performance and their bottom lines, ensuring a significant return on their investments in my services.

I coached many ordinary individuals to move beyond the limits that stopped them excelling in the work place

or gaining promotion after years of fruitless efforts.

I helped others set up in businesses that they secretly yearned for, enabling them to start living their best life.


I am an online entrepreneur

I earn an income from internet marketing and have done since 2010.

I am author of multiple Self Improvement e-book and Home Study Guides and coaching programmes to help you to succeed in their occupation, career, business and personal life.

I coach people on-line to improve their lifestyle, wealth and mindset and create your own income and job by designing your own products or promoting others and building your  own business through on-line enterprises.

Income Generated On-line Through Coaching and Consulting

This was my first income as an affiliate after two months selling marketing products and  building a team. *There are more income results on other blogs as I got better.


I was on the leader boards of my first on-line company as an affiliate.


And without the right mentors and coaches the struggles every one goes through building a business on-line would have been so much more and the victories significantly less.


My main focus is to help you learn how to be successful on-line.

You may be yearning to leave a job you dislike, your health may stop you from earning, you may need more retirement income and you, yes its you who can change this!

How do I know, because so called school failures have succeeded, as a complete newby like me was able to make money online, anyone you can do it.

I will show you how to use the internet as a tool that serves others, to create a blog and if you wish info products that others need and to help get results  for them so that you can make money,

The Internet allows me and people like you to live a free lifestyle, write your own cheque, set your own hours.

My mission is to share my expertise and sell services, products/information that  has much more value than I receive, ethical things, that actually work.

My goal is to  take my gift and cut the learning curve so I can help you to do the same better than I have and to create a community that thrives on the internet.  

Remember it took 5 years to have my idea/ business recognised as an Independent School/Academy and be called a pioneer but you are lucky  we have the internet not only can I cut the learning curve for you, you can see results in months not years!

I can tell you have what it takes to be successful as you have made it to this point.

Fall in love with the process not the money. Test, test, optimize, then scale. 

I don’t have the magic bullet to get you rich quick and you do not have to be rich to be happy or successful you just have to be passionate about the service you will offer.

I do have what you need to build a sustainable on-line business and recurring income if you are open to receiving mindset, wealth and marketing coaching as I was.

Here’s To Your Entrepreneurial Success,

Gloria Hyatt (MBE)

P.S. If there was one thing I could recommend to help you get started to become successful on-line it is here go through these free video’s make sure you take the time to take notes and lets see if you are next to join the many people I have helped on their way to entrepreneurial success.

P.P.S: Your comments and questions are most welcome leave them below.

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