#1 Place I Want To Travel To In 2015

Travelling is so important here’s why watch the video 


3 Reasons Why You Should Travel Especially if You Are An Entrepreneur ?

1. It broadens your outlook and knowledge which can help your business grow;

2. You can see the latest major developments, cultural trends and business etiquette that affects your business;

3. It is good for reviving you and providing a fresh perspective on life.


Places To Visit For Entrepreneurs & Why?




Japan– known for telecommunications and mobile technology-  altruism- team work, professionalism & cheap to live and work.




Mauritius- Known for its effective systems  to support lucrative property deals,- tourism, financial services, textiles and sugar.

San Diego



San Diego CA– Best place to start a new business, very social media and credit card friendly. A robust business community.


Like most of my on-line community we do this type of business because we can work on the move, travel doing business and pleasure


Personally I have been my own boss for 10 years and I love the freedom that has brought me and my family before I left my Head Teacher/ Principal job I could never travel as freely as I can now.


Here’s some of my travels around the world..


       egypt                                                                                       eygpt fun

                                            Egypt having fun whilst enjoying the traditions                 




                                 Beautiful Jamacia                                                      Bob Marleys Birthplace                                       

dining in jamacia                                                                  JAMAICA 2009 221                                JAMAICA 2009 115



France- Nantes   Travel                                     Festivals In France                          Xmas In Sunny Florida

French Travel                                                     French Festivals                                Florida



 USA- New York- JZ’S Club                                                      USA- Memphis Tennesse                                                           

New York JZ Club                                                                                                 MEMPHIS

New York Donald Trumps Estate                      


  Birmingham Alabama                                                                                            Atlanta Georgia USA

                                                                                       Spain                                                         Atlanta Georgia USA

                                                                                                                                                                            Barbados                                                             Barbados Beach Fun                                             

BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA                Spain              barbados                                Barbados Beach Fun



You too can have adventures, connect with people and good energy!

You can visit your No1 Place To Travel in 2015 by becoming part of an online community like ours. 


Our next company event is in Vegas Red Rock below, do you see yourself being here at the end of July 2015 where you can experience 5* accommodation at 3* prices and being around some of the most inspired and empowering entrepreneurs?


Red Rock Las Vegas                     Pool-red-rock-resort-las-vegas                                       Empower Network Rise Event


Qualify yourself, let me help you decide on your vision how you can get to your no1 place you want to travel to in 2015.

Hundreds in our community have achieved this and more they simply started with a blog and or the online education programmes.

Listen to the presentation here

Make a decision that best suits your aspirations and reach out to me if you need help by going to the contacts above.

Either way once you get started I will reach out to you.  

I look forward to playing a small part in your journey.



  • Stephanie Arwine

    Reply Reply May 19, 2015

    You have educated me. I didn’t even know that Liverpool had a seaside. Thanks for sharing. I become an entrepreneur so I could travel. Some day I will travel to your city.

    • Gloria Hyatt Mbe

      Reply Reply May 19, 2015

      Hey Stephanie we have a magnificent beach in Liverpool in Formby what I showed you really was a stunning riverside walk accompanied by beautiful parkland. Liverpool is a stunning city worth a visit for the architecture, famous for our friendliness and diverse business community offerings and its fairly inexpensive.

  • X Ray Cat

    Reply Reply May 20, 2015

    Thanks Gloria, so awesome to see your post right now. I just started to go after my ultimate dream- visit every country in the world.
    Blogging is my way to make it reality and your post resonates so much with me 🙂

    • Gloria Hyatt Mbe

      Reply Reply May 20, 2015

      Hey Marko so happy for you that you will go after your dreams and what better way than through blogging- see you on the beaches of the world brotha.

  • Booker Williams

    Reply Reply May 21, 2015

    Traveling is great. I was in the travel business for 6 years and I travel to almost every country. I loved it. San diego was my favorite

  • Sheena Yap Chan

    Reply Reply May 22, 2015

    love all the pictures you shared, travelling is fun!

    • Gloria Hyatt Mbe

      Reply Reply May 31, 2015

      It is Sheena esppecially when you can choose the time and place as you please love it.

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